Sleepy Creepy Studio is an independent game development studio which is currently working on the game "The Legend Of Perchta".

The Legend of Perchta is a fast FPS with roguelite elements in a medieval fantasy world. Find and defeat the Devil himself with God-given magic powers from Perchta. Unlock new heroes/levels, collect powerful spells, upgrade your magic wands and use effective magic runes to fight your way through waves of monsters. You have the power to heal the world. Use it!


After years of war all of the kingdoms suffered from hunger. In their desperation, the kings and queens of the remaining lands made a deal with the devil. But the devil tricked the humans. Now their only hope are some heroes, who attempt to find and defeat the devil. For this adventure the heroes make a pact with Perchta. Perchta is a paganism goddess and in the past, the devil stole the good part of her soul. Due to that fact she is in rage mode. With her help our heroes will get the power to save the world.


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Stefan Oberekar

9064 Magdalensberg, Reigersdorf 19

Tel.: 06802248231

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